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Dream Killers: The Real Reasons Small Businesses Fail written by Gregory L. Walz, CPA was published in July 2014.  

The premise of this book is that all business ideas begin with a dream. More often than not the dream remains an unfulfilled fantasy that always can find a happy ending. However, every once in a while the dream becomes so intense that the dreamer decides to make it a reality. When this happens an entrepreneur is born and from that moment on there are numerous pitfalls that will threaten to turn the successful dream into a realistic nightmare. 

Most books on the subject of achieving success in small business are presented in a technical manner with specific procedures to follow and take the approach that if an aspiring entrepreneur follows the time proven steps the chances for long-term success with be improved. Why then do most small business ideas end up in failure? 

Using a lifetime of real world hands on experience with hundreds of small businesses this book deals with the real reasons most small businesses fail. These dream killers are the true causes of a dreams failure. They are mostly personal in nature and as such are generally avoided by how to books, consultants, and traditional advisors that tend to use a cookie cutter approach to every situation. Blending a lifetime of personal experiences in plain language with non-ambiguous answers to many of the pitfalls to success is intended to provide the reader with the benefits of knowing that there is nothing new in business and all small business is personal. Blending the two will often determine whether a business dream will come true.

If interested in purchasing a copy of Dream Killers: The Real Reasons Small Businesses Fail, you can contact our office directly, or click on the link to purchase from Amazon. The paperback book is $19.95.